Beautiful Sevilla with the family!

In December my cousin and grandpa came to Spain and visited Madrid, Sevilla, and Barcelona. I joined them and went with them to Sevilla. It was gorgeous! I really loved it. I hear that summers are awful though because of the intense heat. We visited the main attractions…which included:

Plaza de España: A gorgeous plaza! I took so many pics it was ridic! lol. An interesting thing happened to us there…so somehow I wandered on my own and there were a couple of gypsy ladies there. One handed me a small rosemary-looking branch. I tried to give it back and she said it was a “gift” and read me this generic fortune. Once she was done she said that I had to make a donation because otherwise it would be bad luck. I was going to give her a couple of coin euros but she said that it wasn’t enough..that it required a paper bill and about 20 euros. Are you kidding me? She was delusional if she thought I would do that. She then was very persistent and rude but I didn’t give in and walked away. My cousin and grandpa who were on their own at the same time also experienced this. Later on we saw more gypsies by the cathedral trying to sucker in other tourists with the same thing…I was a creeper and managed to take a pic for this blog…haha. Apparently it’s a pretty common thing in Sevilla.

Despite that little fiasco…I really enjoyed going to the plaza.

Seville Cathedral: I’m not a huge fan of cathedral…but this one was still an incredible sight. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site too. We climbed all the way to the top of the “La Giralda” and it was TIRING. There were over 30 levels. T I think it’s the largest Gothic cathedral…and third-largest church in the world. The Christopher Columbus mausoleum was also in there. I forget all the details…that’s why I shouldn’t be lazy and write these posts soon after my trips. lol.

More pics of Sevilla that we visited…

Everything closes from 2-5pm or 3-5pm? I can’t remember. During that time people head to the bars to mingle and enjoy a glass of wine or beer. It was ridiculous how big the crowd was! This picture was taken when it was almost 5pm so the crowd had died down.


First Flamenco Dance Show Experience w/ Videos!

Last night I went with my grandpa and cousin who are in Spain for the week to a flamenco show relatively close to my piso. It was 32 euros per person (so about $41) and one drink was included. The sangria was delicious! I’ll be frank about my initial thoughts when the show began…

1. I had envisioned hot flamenco dancers. A pretty girl with the traditional dress and some hot guy. That wasn’t the case. The girl reminded me of those lady figures inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland back at home. Lol. The guy…well he just wasn’t what I had in mind.

2. The microphone system inside that venue was so good that I thought the men singing were lip synching. I was so confused at first!

3. I was annoyed that the seats were so small and uncomfortable. Everyone was real close to each other.

But as the show went on I got more into it! The dancers are so passionate! The male dancers could snap his fingers so loudly it’s crazy. The singers have amazing voices! My voice would definitely hurt after an hour and a half of that. Ha. Overall it was an enjoyable experience. I’m glad I went.


p.s. Don’t mind my YouTube user name…it’s from middle school and I’ve been too lazy to change it. Haha.

Christmas Day in Escorial

On Christmas Day…Mary and I went to Escorial for the first time. It is about an hour away from Madrid by train. It was the first time we went on the Renfe…the commuter train. I believe when the 2004 terrorist bombings occurred in Madrid…it was the commuter train system the one that was attacked. Anyhow…it was nice to see a different part of Madrid! We went to Mary’s grandmother’s friend Gale’s house. She cooked us a delicious Christmas Day lunch and then we walked around Escorial/San Lorenzo, we also went to the monastery. Large displays of nativities are very popular over here during the holidays. You can find them in different towns. The displays are life-sized too!

I was bummed that we didn’t get to go to “The Valley of the Fallen” or “Valle de los Caídos” but everything was closed because of the holiday Here’s a wikipedia link for those of you want to learn more about Escorial… 🙂

Nativity and Three Kings Pictures…

Exactly One Month!

It’s been one month since Mary and I moved to Madrid! It’s been quite the month full of adventures and frustrations. We also finished our TEFL course today. I’m so HAPPY. Our last day was pretty ridiculous though to say the least…

I’m pretty excited four our next step in this Spanish adventure of ours.

I wish I was going home to LA for Christmas…but oh well. I’ve always been missing a lot of my friends from home! They’re always down for some fun and would love it here. 🙂


Spanish Debit Card

I finally got my Spanish debit card from the bank today! 🙂 I’m tired of the $5.00 transaction fees and the percentage fees that Wells Fargo has. I do miss my cute pink flowers design though…this one isn’t too cute. Lol.


Spanish Holidays…December 6th and 8th

So Tuesday and Thursday are holidays here in Spain…the holidays are Constitution Day and Immaculate Conception. Majority of people don’t have school or work. I can hear people outside our apartment since many people are going out tonight. Unfortunately Mary and I still have our TEFL training these two days. This sucks! 😦

El Corte Inglés

El Corte Inglés is the only department store in Spain. It is ridiculously huge! It’s like a Nordstrom/Nordsrom Cafe, Best Buy, Whole Foods, & Bed, Bath and Beyond combined! The latest one we’ve been to was nine floors and in the basement was the grocery store. It’s the closest thing I’ll have to a Nordstrom here. They don’t sell Smashbox Cosmetics in Spain but at least they sell Bobbi Brown and MAC. lol.

Birthday Celebration

Since my birthday landed on a Sunday this year…we decided to go out last night for it. We went to a club called Kapital. It’s seven stories and the decor was pretty cool. Going up and down stairs is kind of annoying though! People don’t get to the clubs until 1am or 2am. The drinks here are poured more heavily too. One drink might have like double or triple to what we’re used to in the U.S. We left our coats at check-in though. We need to go get them. :/

p.s. I found the video on YouTube. Oh and we finally got our jackets back a week later.

Being Tourists…

Here are some pictures of the places Mary and I have gone to. 🙂

The Real Madrid Stadium! 🙂



Palacio Real



Museo del Prado



Metro Passes

We got our monthly pass! My second passport picture came in handy. So much nicer than buying the ten trip passes.


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